-We always consider health, temperament, longevity and proper Golden Retriever type and structure when planning our breedings.

-All of our puppies receive Early Neurological Stimulation (Bio Sensor) exercises between three and sixteen days.  They are raised in our home and socialized with children, adult dogs and normal household activity.  Housetraining and clicker training are introduced.   Temperament testing at 7 weeks helps us determine which puppies are placed in which homes.  All puppies are examined by our veterinarian, dewormed and vaccinated prior to placement at eight weeks of age.           

-We require all of our puppy buyers to attend puppy kindergarten and at least one follow up session of basic manners classes.  Good classes help you communicate effectively with your new companion.  Goldens are active, athletic and intelligent dogs that thrive in a household that understands their needs.  

-Spaying and neutering of all companion puppies is required.  We strongly prefer that our puppies are sterilized at maturity.  Please read more about the recent UC Davis Golden Retriever study here and the impact of early spay neuter on canine health.

We hope to have available puppies in 2021

For information about the importance of finding a good breeder of Golden Retrievers go to the Golden Retriever Club of America

Try local club breeder referrals at 
for litters owned by club members with health tested parents

A Yogi x Rally puppy with Finn